Recommended Equipment Guide for Nomads
Quality-Nomads Resources | Photo by Christina Morillo from StockSnap

Recommended Equipment Guide for Nomads

Quality-Nomads Resources | Photo by Christina Morillo,
Quality-Nomads Resources | Photo by Christina Morillo from StockSnap

How A Global Pandemic Affects The Digital Transformation Process In 2020

Along with the rest of the planet, we’ve been watching the COVID-19 crisis unfold. This is a scary time for everybody. Staying virtually in-touch is very important for all individuals and organizations. We are continuing our activities. However, social media platforms allow us to connect globally and we hope you will contribute to the conversations found on our social media channels.

There is no question, that the Digital Transformation happens now. Extremely accelerated by the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic. One the one hand, the side effects are destroying some business sectors. And a lot of jobs as well. But on the other, new possibilities appears. Especially for adaptable people. In case, you are thinking to start a career as a digital nomad on a high-level, the time might be perfect for the next big move. Do not waste the – social distancing time – and start to make plans now.

All You Need Is Creativity

Beyond good ideas and an excellent network, you will need some technical equipment. However, it must not be the most expensive one.

I’m often been asked about my technical equipment and to give some recommendations. That’s not always easy, because it depends on multiple factors. So below you will find my opinion and all the equipment and tools I’m currently using. When – I work from home – in my office and for remote work as well.

Hardware And Basic Software For My Daily Work

For my daily work, I decided to use an older, but very robust Lenovo ThinkPad T530i Laptop. Which I bought on eBay for 400 $. Since I love Linux and test daily a bunch of Open Source software running on this system, I decided to go with Linux Ubuntu18.04 LTS. That works like a charm for me! In case you would like to try Ubuntu, you can download it here.

My second machine is a Fujitsu Celsius H770 with Windows 10 as an operating system and a powerful Nvidia graphic card. This hardware is being used for intensive calculation operations like visualization or CAE pre-processing. If you are interested in the engineering area, have a look on my blog at

Universal Office Tools For Daily Tasks

After long research among all possible office tools and platforms, I decided to give Google Suite Enterprise a try and I am convinced that this was the right choice for me and my team.

Just some reasons, why we are so happy with this solution:

  • It has everything included, what we need. Office tools, email, cloud, video conferencing tools (Meet, Chat), …
  • unlimited online meetings with up to 250 participants
  • full-automated recording to Google-Drive
  • monthly and yearly plans are available and you may cancel at any time. No question asked.

I highly recommend to check it! You can use our link and get 20% discount. (*)